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Connect NYC App

An app for college students to chat with other classmates in the same class, join school groups, view events at their school and even order food through a food delivery page.

Source Code + Details

Lock-It-Up App

Tinder-like app that allows users to swipe and match with other car enthusiasts. The primary focus is so that users can interact, meet, and safely race at their local racetrack.

Source Code + Details

Food BarCode Scanner App

App that scans the barcode of food items and returns the nutrutional information.

Source Code + Details

Car Dealership Database

Backend car dealership database that includes employees, transactions, and cars.

Source Code + Details

Big Data Project

Every traffic ticket in the last 4 years in the state of New York data. Cleaned and analyzed using Jupyter Notebook and Python.

Source Code + Details

Rock-Paper-Sissor Game

Classic Rock-Paper-Sissor game built using Python where the user plays against the computer.

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